4 Indians, Graffiti and Brazil

Storying in chronological order as in the title, lets start with the four Indians, then Graffiti and concluding with the Graffiti festival in Brazil.

4 Indians:

So, speaking of 4 Indians, the first thing that comes to mind is, “Who are these 4 Indians?”.

Zake, Mooz, NME and Zero are the 4 Indians. These four names are very well known names of the Indian Underground Graffiti Circuit and are the only names to be invited to the Graffiti Festival of Brazil. Out of the four, Zake is the only one to attend the festival twice (2017 and 2018). It is a 22 days tour of Brazil that ends on 30th April’18. In this festival they were exposed to the artists from various parts of the globe and also collaborating with some.

Being there so many more talented graffiti artists present in the country, these 4 got a call from the biggest graffiti festival of the planet. Though the path for these four hasn’t been easy. They struggled to get their art and themselves recognised in India as well at one point, but they proved that dedication and hard work is the key to success. Below are some of the arts of these 4 Indians.


Graffiti to world is a gift of art. Like any other art, Graffiti too has a history attached to it. Not going deep into it, as broadly everyone is aware of what Graffiti is. So, basically an art (writings or drawings) which is viewable to public is graffiti. It can be any scribbles, writings, drawings, paintings etc often on street walls (some times illicit too).

Graffiti is most celebrated in South America and Europe. It has gradually got popularised in East too and has gained attention of many. The biggest hip hop and graffiti festival of South America is Street of Styles Graffiti Festival and lasts for a week, where various artists from different parts of the globe get invited to showcase their art as a part of global celebration. Such is a story of the 4 Indians (above mentioned) who got recognised on a global stage and made India proud.

Graffiti is often seen on the streets now, and artists do it as to showcase their piece or art to beautify the colonies as well. Brazil is the place, where graffiti has significant following. Apart from South America, emergence of graffiti can be seen in Middle East and its influences in Southeast Asian countries as well.

Graffiti at IIT Bombay by Wicked Broz and International Artists in collaboration.


Brazil hosts the Street of Styles graffiti festival, where a few recognised graffiti artists from different countries gets invited to explore the arts of fellow artists and collaborate with them. Just like many of the artists, four artists from India too got invited this year. They just completed their 22 day tour of Brazil, where they explored the arts of many and collaborated with a few in Sao Palo, Rio, Curitiba and Santa Catarina.

Brazil is the place, where the art of graffiti is most recognised. The street art is very famous amongst the natives here and is much celebrated.

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  1. Thanks for your publication on this website. From my personal experience, there are occassions when softening upwards a photograph could provide the photographer with a little an artsy flare. Sometimes however, that soft clouds isn’t precisely what you had planned and can quite often spoil an otherwise good photo, especially if you consider enlarging this.

  2. I am a big lover of wall paintings. I was once reading an article and came to know about Graffiti festival. Thanks for sharing about it in detail.😊

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