Aahar “The International Food & Hospitality Fair”

Aahar, it is a 32years old brand in Asia, it is an international fair exhibition with more than 1500 exhibitors from the food and hospitality industries showcasing their products, technology and services to the buyers from all across the globe. It is organised every year in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India by the “India Trade Promotion Organisation” and has undoubtedly become one of the biggest brands of Asia.

With more than 1500 exhibitors in the fair, their were a few who came to the notice of many. “Bakewell Machines” and “Osho Industries Limited” were two of such exhibitors who didn’t failed to attract the buyers. Speaking of Bakewell Machines and Osho Industries Limited, where both the exhibitors had different products and services to offer but had their stall designed by the same person i.e Mr. Sachin Garg of Dream Drafters. Both the stalls were so uniquely designed as it fulfilled the fact that “any business is successful if they get to attract the customer even without caring what the product is”, it’s true to nature that anything of place that eyes feel connected to is already half sold. Such was the piece of work by Mr. Sachin Garg for Bakewell Machines and Osho Industries Limited. Speaking of Bakewell Machines and Osho Industries Limited, lets talk about them a bit.

Well, Bakewell Machines is a very well known name in its own market. Their rely on their USP i.e high quality and durable products, which has helped them pave their way where they are today. They are the leading manufactures commercial kitchen equipments (bakeries specifically). They are also in to export and trading of such equipments. Their basket mainly consists of Flour Elevator Sifter, Water Measuring Tank, Water Chilling Plant, High Speed Bakery Mixer, Spiral Mixer, Dough Bowl Hoist, Dough Divider, Work Table, Dough Moulder, Dough Rounder, Baking Mould and Tray, Conveyor Drive, Final Proofer, Swing Tray Oven, Rotary Rack Oven, Dough Table, Cooling Trolley and Air Washer.

While the Osho Industries are into the printing and packaging sector. They are basically into the printing on the packagings for every sector of the market, and to be precise they cater to Food and Beverages market, Agriculture and Fertilisers market, Personal and Home care division & Pharmaceuticals market. Also they customise according to the needs of the customer or product. They also manufacture a range of PVC Shrink labels, Extrusion Laminates, Multilayer Films, PP Films etc.

Also we had a sit down interview with Mr. Sachin Garg;

1. The framework of your work.

I try to keep my designing soothing and eye-pleasing which gives the royal and classy impact in the first impression. Once the people know my taste, they can understand my keen interest behind every designing.

2. Why did you chose to step in this field of work?

It was my keen interest to experiment with interiors. It was my passion when I organise the things lavishly. I have explored myself  in this creative field. Then I decided to do this work passionately.

3. Since when are you in this business.

From last 9 years, I am into this business. I started my career in 2009.

4. Why did you opted to do the stalls designing for these two companies ? Were you approached by other companies too, for this fair.

I opted the designing for these two stalls because they both were looking for the creativity with the stalls. I was approached by other companies also but few things didn’t work in my favor such as creativity, space for the stall, financial terms.

5. From where did you got the idea the designed stall of how to design them.

I have already worked for so many exhibitions in the past. This is not my first time.  Firstly I have designed the rough layout and discussed with client. He loved the idea and we have worked in the same way.

6. What after this ? Where do you see yourself ?

Well I have finished this thing but my interior projects are going on. I am still busy with my work. I do not believe in dreaming. I simply believe If you do hardwork, you will get success.

7. Do you do the interiors for all the residential and commercial projects.

Yes, I do interiors for commercial as well as residential projects.

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