Buyandship brings Black Friday to India Shoppers

Buyandship – the global cross-border e-commerce enterprise enters India bringing Black Friday to the country’s shoppers.

‘Tis the season to go shopping and Indian shoppers can now do their window shopping online – with the window stretched across borders! Buyandship, the Hong Kong-based cross-border e-commerce service provider that raised US$2.2 million in a pre-series B round earlier this year, offers parcel forwarding services so that customers can shop from overseas while paying a minimum on shipping costs. Buyandship has now extended its services to India – and the timing could never be better! With Xmas shopping and the coveted Black Friday just around the corner, Buyandship will now allow Indian shoppers to steal deals straight from the US.

To make sure that shoppers from India don’t miss out on deals that they might be looking for, they can visit for Black Friday shopping tips. Founded in November 2014, Buyandship is offering special promo codes and free shipping credits from 14 October 2019 to 30 November 2019 thus celebrating its 5th anniversary.

Black Friday is the day that comes right after Thanksgiving Day in the US. Marking the beginning of the Xmas shopping season in the US, Black Friday is, without a doubt, the best day in the whole of the US to go on a shopping spree. It was reported that shoppers spent a total of $58.3 billion during Black Friday sale last year in the US alone. Thanksgiving being one of the biggest festive and shopping seasons in the US, now online stores all over the world including the UK, Japan, Australia, and the European Union offer Black Friday sales.

With retail chains and e-commerce stores across these countries offering huge discounts on a wide range of products, Black Friday is widely regarded as the best time to grab deals on products ranging from electronic gadgets to lifestyle and designer goods from a number of countries.

According to Buyandship, 80 percent of its Indian users are male. Indian shoppers buy products mainly from the US (78.4%), followed by the UK (10%) and Australia (8.6%). Supplements, clothes and accessories, stationery, and consumer electronics are the top categories that Indian users buy from.

With Buyandship, Indian shoppers can freely hunt for bargains and Black Friday deals on sites across all these countries, and enjoy international shipping on their orders for only $6 per pound in shipping fees, and leave high shipping costs behind. Moreover, with Buyandship Indian shoppers can access deals from overseas online shops that usually offer only domestic shipping. For more information on tips and promo codes, users may visit

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