#FlyTheNewNormal CSR campaign by Air India

Covid 19 fatality rate in India is increasing day by day, beginning our day with counting numbers of increasing cases to ending it in a hope that we might get rid of this pandemic the next day. All the other wars can be won by using arms and ammunition but this war has an invisible enemy which can be won only by being conscious and following guidelines issued by the Government. After two months of complete lockdown. Government has given us some relaxations including permission to fly domestic with some specific guidelines. AIR INDIA one of the oldest and finest airlines have found a creative way to ensure that the passengers are safe and sound.

Playing their role in helping the mankind fight Covid – 19 , AIR INDIA has issued the following guidelines for their passenger:

  • Social Distancing – Keeping in mind the importance of social distancing, AIR INDIA has decided to maintain ‘One Arm Distance’ with the passengers even while fulfilling the formalities during their travel.
  • No Exchange Policy – AIR INDIA is strictly following the guideline of not allowing the passengers to exchange their seats, they will be allowed only to board the seats they are allotted at the time of booking. 
  • Personal Protection Kits – A strict protocol has been made by AIR INDIA to not allow passengers to travel unless they are wearing a face mask , shield and gloves while boarding the flight. 
  • Health History for a Safe Future – Passengers travelling with AIR INDIA will be following a mandate to declare their health history with security staff in order to protect the fellow passengers from the chance of getting infected. Downloading AROGYA SETU application in the mobile phones will also be compulsory for the passengers. 
  • Sanitized Aircrafts – Following the mandate stated by the Government after allowing running of domestic flights, AIR INDIA ensures that the aircrafts are thoroughly sanitized after every flight in order to ensure the safety of passengers. 

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