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Health Hunt is a wellness platform that focuses on the well being of mind and body. It is the Asia’s first fully integrated platform that works on the wellness of one’s both physical and mental state. Health Hunt was found by Pooja Duggal. The idea was to develop a platform so as to eliminate the current understanding of one’s well being for a better outcome. From the word of Pooja “According to various surveys and statistics, 25% of Indians may die at the age of 70, on account of lifestyle diseases resulting from their unhealthy lifestyle. That’s shocking right! We need to reconsider our idea of health and fitness and should aim for a holistic approach of body and mind.”

Health Hunt’s main focus region is of Asia. They have their office set up in New Delhi and have counsellors from across 17 countries, while their head office lies in San-Fransisco, California, where Pooja Duggal resides with her husband Sachin Duggal, he to helped in setting up Health Hunt and is a techpreneur himself. Presently, the team of Health Hunt comprises of ten members i.e; Pooja Duggal, Lakshmi Devan, Priyanka Kocchar, Dipanshu Mehta, Rohit Thakur, Rakhi Chauhan, Chinmay Yadav, Vallari Sharma, Shaishav Garg and Sanchit Sharma.

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On the platform you can shop for various products. Products range being from agriculture, ayurveda, personal & skin care, beverages and breakfast. Other than this, you can consult their counsellors, you can watch videos related to health and supplements or even you can read articles related to your health and lifestyle.

The Pooja Duggal Story

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Pooja Duggal is a techpreneur and Founder & CEO of Health Hunt, a digital platform for the well being of one’s mental and physical health. We won’t talk about the platform here now, its already been jotted above. This column remains for ‘The Pooja Duggal Story’.

Pooja has done her graduation from the HR College of Commerce and Economics in the Marketing field. She then went on to GIA (Gemological Institute of America) to study diamonds. After her studies in GIA, she joined a local diamond laboratory for some little time but gained huge confidence. Later she joined Rapaport, probably one of the biggest names in the diamond market. She joined Rapaport as an intern. She slated her way to top even while being in the male centric environment and facing criticism and gender discrimination. But all that slowly faded away once her persona started to come in to the play. She was promoted to be the director of the company in three years time and MD in the span of five years. She then stayed with the company for eleven years before quitting the company so as to start working for her revered dream. Thus Health Hunt was born, and rest is just a narrative.

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P.S. Pooja started Health Hunt while she was pregnant. Dedication defies everything.

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