IFFCO Kisan’s Pride: Swarnahar ‘foundation of healthy life’

Indian spices have been catering the taste of global cuisine since ages. Our spices not only add taste and color but also a plethora of health benefits. India has a glorious history of exporting spices to more than 80 countries for several decades. Since the ancient times Ayurveda and Unani medicines have used the wonders of spices for positive impact.

India is the largest producer, consumer and exporter of spices in the world and has created a unique identity in the production and export of spices, due to which India is quite famous for its spices worldwide. High-quality spices like cumin, black pepper, cardamom, ginger, chilli and turmeric.

According to recent figures production of spices in India has crossed 25 lakh tonnes and export has risen from Rs.15,000 crores to Rs.19,000 crores.

Climatic change and other environmental differences have created conditions for India for the production of more than 60 spices for which we are known worldwide. But a major concern today is that spice cultivation is also falling victim to poor agricultural practices due to excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides.

Many organizations have taken initiative to address the issue out of which few are IFFCO Kisan, Spices Board of India, Krishi Vigyan Kendra etc.

These organisations collectively have started creating awareness among farmers regarding the agricultural practices that can benefit them optimally. Continuing the same, IFFCO Kisan has brought its own product, ‘Swarnahar’ which will revolutionize spice cultivation among farmers. The initiative brings direct benefit to the spice growing farmers and has an edge of flavor and purity.

IFFCO Kisan, through this initiative aims to double the farmer’s income as well as benefit the customers. The best part of the initiative is that through this product, the farmers will be able to avail a fair share of their profit in the produce.In the world of business, it has often seen that a farmer who works hard throughout the year does not get a right price because the middlemen do not consider their interest & add their profits which make the product pricey but the farmers are left with zero profit margin.

IFFCO Kisan has taken a step for farmers who have been waiting for their fruitful profits from years.

“IFFCO Kisan had been trying long to empower the farmers of our country. Our new product ‘Swarnahar’ is one such effort which will help us to strengthen the farmers further,” an officer from IFFCO Kisan said.

“IFFCO Kisan is associated with 50 lakh farmers and their agricultural experts have been helping farmers with their exclusive opinions and advice for many years. Moving forward to this campaign, we have tied up with many field societies and cooperative societies,” he added.

IFFCO Kisan surveyed through 50 lakh farmers and societies and found that people believe that food is most adulterated these days, which is impacting health majorily. They need a solution and confidant that can bring them non-adulterated and pure products.Now, if look at this from the farmers’s perspective, we see our farmers are a little unaware and lack knowledge about the actual value of their produce. IFFCO Kisan tied up with Cooperative Societies, and these institutions will buy goods directly from member farmers, and IFFCO Kisan will buy finished products from the cooperative society.

All the benefits earned herein will go directly to the farmers and cooperatives.

With the aim to reduce the wide gap between the farmer and the end consumer, IFFCO Kisan brings you spice from Farmer’s Cooperative under the name of ‘Swarnahar’.

Now spices like turmeric, chilli, and coriander will reach people without adulteration through IFFCO Kisan. Statics shows that within India, 32 lakh hectare land is under cultivation and in this IFFCO Kisan wants to play a significant role. After completing the certificate, license number, and laboratory test by ‘Egmark’ or ‘FSSA’ for proof of purity, Swarnahar is now ready to enter the market.

With this, consumers will be delivered pure products from which the direct benefit goes to the cultivators who have been waiting for their rights since centuries.

6 thoughts on “IFFCO Kisan’s Pride: Swarnahar ‘foundation of healthy life’”

  1. It’s disheartening to see that farmers use so much of chemicals, while not knowing this is unhealthy for the consumer and the soil. Glad IFFCO is doing something so huge.

  2. IFFCO kisan is doing a great job for the growth of farmers. That’s a great way to motivate farmers. I am so glad to know about this initiative taken by reputed companies.

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