Show some hoot, there’s a new social media management tool in your apps gallery. What stands this app out is its features i.e personalised social dashboards, real time sentiment analysis, content scheduling & publishing and a response console.

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How Kalbos work?

Basically, Kalbos works on the above mentioned four features.

  • Social Dashboards: There’s an integrated dashboard in the app that lets you monitor your social media platforms. Whether its your followers, your engagements, your posts/ tweets, page views, notifications, keywords etc across the supported platforms. It also lets you organise the data from all the accessible platforms so as to spot the opportunities, make strategies and increase your productivity.
  • Scheduling and Publishing: Many times the post you have to post is ready but it just ain’t the time yet. This helps you in preparing the posts in advance and just command it to post on the date for you want to and the app will do it for you.
  • Response Console: The concern of replying to the customer’s queries on either of the platforms is now a thing of ease. This feature lets you send fast responses to the customers, keep a check on your feeds assigned, pending or resolved.
  • Advanced Analytics: In any business the analytical data is foremost important so as to understand the current scenario and strategise the next line of actions accordingly. Well, this tool here helps you in gathering the insightful data and identify the main focus areas for your business. Also to identify patterns and topics of customer’s interest. This helps you in reducing the risks and improve the experiences for your customers.

It can be used by anyone who is a social media influencer. There are four packages with separate set features for each package to chose from. One can pay either monthly or yearly. Bonus, for each package there’s a 14 days free trial.

Platforms supported by Kalbos are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

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