Museum of the Moon, by Luke Jerram

Museum of the Moon at British Council. It is the replica of the moon, or I would say an art by British artist Luke Jerram. The artwork was created by the images captured by NASA’s Lunar Orbiter Camera and UK space agency.

This Museum of the Moon has been travelling all across the globe lately. It was featured last in India and is concluding the tour to the other parts of the Earth now. In India they exhibited at NGMA, Bangalore; Gateway of India, Mumbai; City Palace, Udaipur; Victoria Memorial, Kolkata to the final stop at British Council, Delhi. The Indian tour was concluded in Delhi on the Holi (an auspicious festival in India) eve.


British artist Luke Jerram says: “For eons the moon has impacted society and culture; it’s been worshipped as a deity, used as a timekeeper, and has inspired artists, poets, scientists, writers and musicians worldwide.” he added “Before gas lamps and electricity the moon was the only night-time source of light. It a vital light source for navigation and to work by. Living in cities, illuminated by electricity, we have in many ways become disconnected to the moon. I hope this project restores a sense of wonder, inspires questions and reconnects people with the night sky.” 

Alan Gemmell OBE, Director India, British Council said, “2018 marks 70 years of the British Council in India and the end of the UK-India Year of Culture. We’ve been inspired  every day of the last 70 years by the artists, students, scientists and policy makers we’ve worked with across India.  This year, we want to share the stories of the great things we’ve done together, tell new stories, and inspire millions of young people to develop connections for the next 70 years.”

Museum of the Moon was co-commissioned by a number of creative organisations brought together by Luke Jerram and Norfolk & Norwich Festival. These include: Greenwich+Docklands International Festival, Provincial Domain Dommelhof, Brighton Festival, At-Bristol, Lakes Alive, Without Walls and Les Tombees de la Nuit, Rennes. The artwork has been created in partnership with the UK Space Agency, University of Bristol and The Association for Science and Discovery Centres.

Parts where the Museum has already been exhibited at: TEC ART Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands.  OORtreders Festival, Belgium. Lieux Publics ‘Travellings’, Marseilles, France. Lakes Alive, Kendal, UK. Aarhus, Denmark, European Capital of Culture. Lee Tung Avenue, Hong Kong. Comic Con, NYC. Plaisirs d’Hiver Winterpret, Brussels.   La Caixa Foundation, Barcelona. Light Night Leeds UK. Biela Noc, Slovakia & Bratislava. Festival of Imagineers, Coventry, UK. Terni Festival, Italy. GOGBOT Festival, Enschede, Netherlands. White Night, Riga, Latvia. The Guildhall, Derry, Northern Ireland. Thinktank, Birmingham, UK. Greenwich+Docklands Festival, London. Cork Midsummer Festival, Ireland. Festival Les Tombées de la Nuit, Rennes, France. Dubai UAE. Oerol Festival, Netherlands. Norfolk & Norwich Festival, UK. University of Bristol, UK. W5, Belfast. Ghent Light Festival, Ghent. Festival Les Tombées de la Nuit, Rennes, France.

This exhibition started in 2016, continued in 2017 and now in 2018, the next schedule for the Moon’s Museum exhibition is:


Reference: Press Release (British Council, New Delhi)

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