Mumbai-based start-up The Language Network is building an effective online language learning platform with live teachers and virtual classrooms. Founded in November 2020 by Siddhi Chokhani, Shubham Pille and Pinnac Yeddy, this start-up has already taught over thousand students and impacted the lives of thousands more. They have more than 50 teachers teaching 7 Asian and European languages including French, German, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, Japanese and English. 

 “We want to deliver an immersive and comprehensive online learning experience to our students across a range of language levels with the right tools and supplementary material”, says Co-founder, Siddhi Chokhani. The Language Network makes sure that no more than 7 students are present in a class; regular assessments and progress reports are given to the students. 

 “We want the whole world to be learning languages – that is our vision.” says Co-founder Pinnac Yeddy. 

 The whole system at The Language Network is based on Zoom, which the start-up uses to conduct all it’s online classes and they have their analytics and tech systems in place to improve the learning experience for the students. “We are fundamentally promoting one of the more traditional aspects of learning – humans teaching other humans. There are a number of reasons why human teaching may be more suitable for language acquisition – starting with the fact that language is a living knowledge and so learning to speak it requires a pretty fundamental level of engagement from the learner.” said Co-founder Pinnac Yeddy. 

TLN offers a holistic approach to language learning, they believe in immersive learning and making use of the target language and its’ culture to educate their students. The teaching is very student-centric and adheres to latest trends and effective teaching-learning processes. 

The Language Network aims to offer an affordable and engaging learning experience to students. “With an online-first approach, we’re encouraging students to learn a foreign language and create awareness about the benefits of being multilingual,” said Siddhi Chokhani, Co-founder of The Language Network. 

They are on track to launch Portuguese and Russian courses to the list of languages they offer. They currently cater to the 16+ age group but will be launching for adolescents and kids in August 2021. 

When asked why they haven’t already, Co-founder Shubham Pille said, “It is a highly operational business model and we want to ensure we provide the best learning experience to our students. The goal is to develop a seamless learning experience for all age groups and we’re working towards that goal. We have been growing 100% month-on-month and parents trust other parents more than anybody else. We’ve been creating awareness and growing because of referrals and it’s a huge indicator of the quality we offer.” 

To know more about what The Language Network offers, please visit their website

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