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Introducing Tres’chic Academe ; Empowering Women From All Walks Of Life

Tres’chic Academe ,a premium etiquette & image consultancy company, that contours and customises topics of training based on individual requirements.Their programs help one maximise potential by helping overcome perceived shortcomings, there by instilling confidence and increasing the rate of success.

Tres’chic Academe professionals and experts coach you to perfection in an environment that is highly interactive and creatively charged. Corporates including Fortune 500 companies have experienced the highly empowering training sessions at their workshops.They work with a spectrum of working professionals, be it successful entrepreneurs, business professionals, working professionals, actors,Fashion stylists, Brides & grooms etc and help them maximise their potential through empowering workshops.

Social Angle:

At Tres’chic Academe they work with NGOs like Sparsha, Girl Child NGO, Bhairavi Foundation by providing trainers to volunteer to help enhance the quality of education in terms of providing grooming skills like etiquette, communication skills, grooming skills, confidence building, discovering you, goal setting & interpersonal skills; thus focusing on holistic personality development.


In a day and age where personal interactions and businesses are no longer limited to skill and acumen; social flair, styling & grooming, etiquette, networking and impressive communication have become extremely essential for one’s professional and personal success. Being ordinary is no longer acceptable. Identifying this need, Chitra Balasubramaniam foundedTres’chic Academe.

Tres’chic academy was started with a vision to empower more women to achieve quantum leap of success in their life.

Chitra Balasubramaniam ; Journey Of Struggle & Self Empowerment Founder of Tres’chic Academe

Founder of Tres'chic Academe

Hailing from a middle class South Indian family with the societal norms that hinders women growth, Chitra is a self made entrepreneur who always had a passion to become one since childhood. Desipite the roadblocks to her self actualisation, a decade after her early marriage she decided to cut the umbilical cord of society and unsupportive family circle to fulfil her true passion. After having kids, despite the hatred from a misogynistic society she pursued the career path of an Image Consultant at the age of 32.

She believes Image consultancy as a career gave her a new perspective about self empowerment & self love, which in turn translated in helping her clients to follow their passion irrespective of their situation. In her role as the Founder of Tres’chic Academe, she brings forward her experience and training, as the only Image Consultant to have won Times of India “Power Women 2019” “Women of Influence 2019” “SWAA South Women Achievers Award”.

“Indian Achiever’s Award” in the category Best Image Consultant, Certified Dale Carnegie Coach, Certified Mentor at Cherie Blair Foundation UK.

At the age of 40 she transformed herself and wants to help others achieve the same success and positive mental health.

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  1. More power to women everyday. These institutions are so important now and for many women who may sometime have acess, money but not the teaching to become better for the future this becomes fundamental. I wouldn’t say Image is everything but with the coaching it can take very far.

  2. I have never heard about this academy but it really good to see and read about women empowerment especially Chitra sets an example. Something good to share with society.

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